About Us

“Art is the journey where colors become stories, and every stroke of the brush paints a chapter of the soul”

From Childhood Love for Colors to Artistic Mastery

Prashant’s story of a profound connection to colors and a passion for artistic expression began at an astonishingly early age. From the tender age of 3, he discovered the magic of hues, often sketching on tissue paper and spending most of his time watching MAD shows. By the age of 5, Prashant took the monumental step of picking up painting brushes, embarking on a colorful voyage. The journey didn’t stop there. At the age of 12, he ventured into the world of sculpting, a new medium through which he breathes life into artistic visions. His love for art was appreciated by his family and friends who prompted him to participate in various competitions that he won easily.

With eyes shining with color palette, Prashant completed his BFA from College of Art, Delhi University and MFA from Amity University. He participated in various art galleries, exhibitions for famous brands and workshops. His expertise lies in abstract art, real life paintings, portraits, sketching and sculpting.His work is well-acclaimed and the drive to delve deep into Art led to the inception of a beautiful idea – Kalavidhi Arts.

Kalavidhi Arts is an experience, a community, and a journey through the world of Art. Through this, Prashant wants to reach every person who wishes to learn and pursue Art in any form. It is a haven for artists and art enthusiasts alike where one can connect with other art lovers. One can learn, buy, and sell different forms of artwork.


Dive into the world of colors through our workshops, classes, and mentorship programs


Explore a diverse marketplace showcasing original artworks from emerging and established artists


Exhibit your creations, tell your story, and gain recognition for your art

Our Creative Talents

AK Verma

Sales Director

Anuj is the driving force behind our vibrant and diverse collection. He is a logistical expert who ensures smooth end-to-end operations at Kalavidhi, connecting it with art enthusiasts from around the world. He also takes care of business development to promote creativity and bring the finest at Kalavidhi Arts.

Shalini Gupta

Chartered Accountant

As the Accounting Head at Kalavidhi Arts, Shalini is the financial maestro who ensures that the creative vision thrives. She manages the financial intricacies providing the canvas to paint our artistic endeavors.

Vanshika Kashyap

Collaboration and Media

With a passion for building creative partnerships, Vanshika brings artists, audiences, and media together to celebrate the power of art at Kalavidhi Arts. She is adept at public relations and collaboration for various exhibitions, workshops and art galleries.

The artistic evolution of Prashant is a testament to an unwavering dedication to the craft, a tireless pursuit of perfection, and an unquenchable thirst for creative exploration. His passion for different forms of Art makes Kalavidhi Arts what it is today.

Join us on this extraordinary journey that started with crayons and a heart full of dreams.

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